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Bespoke 3D Inspection & Measurement Solutions

We can design and implement a complete end-end 3D Vision solution. The part/assembly and associated User Requirements Specification, form the initial review. Once apprised of the requirements of the system, we then follow a step-by- step process, working through the various facets to arrive at a complete solution.

Complete End to End Solution

The analysed data/quality report may need to be furnished to your in-house data collection system. The User Interface will be tailored to Operator/Engineer inputs and outputs. We can tailor the data outputs to be compatible with, MES, SFDC or whatever production management system utilised.


Validation is paramount when considering an overall solution to meet your application. We’re cognizant of the time and effort it consumes. Our experience with the various protocols (FAT, SAT, IQOQ, etc..) can assist with what can be a laborious undertaking.


As we base our designs on a modular approach, employing our SensorView platform, we can adapt to customer changes with minimum fuss. This helps to include future-looking enhancements, simplifying the implementation, obviating the need for expertise and lowering costs, with ROI to the forefront.

Proof Of Concepts

We understand that 3D Vision can be perceived to be complex and its benefits not fully appreciated. These perceptions can be a deterrent to giving it due consideration, when undertaking your next project.Our purpose is to simplify the implementation of a 3D Vision solution, using an intuitive step process.We offer a variety of options that can help with resolving your requirements, should you consider 3D Vision as part of your next solution.


Let us relate to a real-life example:A customer has a part assembly that requires various features, such as the part profile, surface deformations, to be determined and the results compared against a reference or set of quality criteria. A 3D based Vision solution is ideal for this scenario.


However, the customer may not be au fait with the 3D Vision technology currently available and its benefits. They may not have integrated such a solution prior and feel that they don’t know where to start. This is where we can help….

Part Evaluation

As various parts and assemblies continue to become more complex and created from an array of differing materials, 3D Vision offers a way to realistically imagine the part structure from research, through to quality analysis. Defer to 3D Vision for a solution. Perhaps you have considered 3D technology as a potential solution to meet your vision requirement? Not knowing where to start, whom to contact, can make this seem an onerous task. We an assist here, by giving you an insight into the benefits of 3D Vision and whether it could represent an alternative method, to solve your problem.

Evaluation Service

Our 3D Part Evaluation Service, allows us to take a customer part and perform a 3D analysis of said part/assembly. We can quickly configure our platform to cater for the part parameter acquisition. Once the scan is complete, we can then perform a detailed part analysis, driven by the customer specification. Your only task – send us the part for evaluation…


This is an iterative step were we visualise, adjust, and analyse to acquire the optimum set of steps required, including the relevant settings, in order to provide the required output. Our visual tools, allow us to share our solutions at an early stage in the project with our customers. If we need to perform a basic Proof Of Concept,
it can be considered at this stage.


The evaluation, includes a visualisation of the part, giving the customer an insight into the part attributes, identifying anomalies, while providing the basics, such as height and thickness. The resultant analysis parameters will be collated and a detailed report furnished to the customer. The evaluation process, can serve as entry point in helping you understand where 3D Vision can significantly aid your process or manufacturing line. This is your route into 3D Vision and with the constant technological improvements, you already have your sight on the future.

Who We Work With

We work with everyone from OEMs to 3D sensor providers, to System Integrators and Machine Builders.


Med Device, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Glass, Military, Aerospace and Pharma, are just some of clients we work with, along with large multi-nationals and small to medium size companies.

System Integrators

We work with System Integrators, to assist with development of the end solution to their respective customers. We know your pains, as we have been there in the past. Let our experience help you on your next project. We'll work with you, in order that your customer achieves the optimum solution.

3D Sensor Industry

Using our Modular Platform called SensorView, we accelerate the deployment of the various 3D sensor offerings to the end user. Some of the sensor providers we work with are Keyence, Precitec, Micro-epsilon, LMI & PMD.

Industries We Serve

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Med Device

We work with companies like Boston Scientific, Stryker, Medtronic to name but a few. This can involve the inspection and measurement of everything from Defibrillators, Catheters, Orthopaedic implants, etc...


Some of the companies we deal with in the automotive sector are prominent players, such as Valeo and Kostal. We ensure the parts and products they produce, are inspected to the highest quality using various 3D techniques.


We work with contract manufactures like Sanmina & Flex, to help them build the best products for their customers. Heights of components, surface finish are just some of the tasks we have helped with.

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Our customers operate within the various manufacturing disciplines. Anything from precision part making, plastics, part verification and assembly are just some of the areas we are involved with.